Cass and you may Tim have obtained a romance which makes him or her closer to friendly rivals

Cass and you may Tim have obtained a romance which makes him or her closer to friendly rivals

Tim and you may Manhood much more particularly brothers than just partners, and you will technically Tim enjoys Manhood to thank for being throughout the fold to start with. His overall performance to the Traveling Graysons try just what greet Tim to recognize the first Robin’s moves, deducing Batman’s name from then on.

Each of them per have briefly become Batman long afterwards their particular stints due to the fact Robin. Cock actually endangered Damian having passing the Robin mantle returning to Tim since the a response to Damian’s hostility on the Manhood, showing how much cash he areas Tim.


Tim’s specialization is in hosts and science element of getting Batman, while Cass performs exceptionally well in the combat in a way Tim merely can not arrived at. The two was indeed allies within the Bludhaven on 2000s, making up for starters another’s flaws.


Tim and you may Conner were family getting for years and years. They become working together throughout the Younger Justice and you can initial had been one another delayed by you to another’s attitudes.

Tim are much too significant, as well as the full time Conner took what you such as for example bull crap. But at some point, both of them discovered to believe you to another’s abilities and perseverance, with Conner pursuing the Tim’s frontrunners in place of hesitation.


Another one away from Tim’s nearest family unit members regarding his amount of time in More youthful Justice, Cassie pressed the girl method on the joining Younger Fairness, and because next might have been each other next-in-order and genuine chief of their age group out of heroes. Cassie and you can Tim in addition to temporarily dated throughout the wake out-of Unlimited Crisis once Conner died, but you to failed to last much time.

The 2 knew these people were both on one some other so you’re able to heal adopting the loss of a loved one on them, and you may returned to becoming best friends.


To start with, Stephanie Brown made a decision to become a crime-combatant away from an aspire to prevent their father, Cluemaster. During that time, she set up a great crush on Tim, whom ultimately reciprocated, as well as an occasion the 2 worked together with her due to the fact a crime-assaulting duo for the Gotham.

The matchmaking stumbled on an end quickly through to the Group Combat into the Gotham, but when Stephanie resurfaced since the Batgirl, the two learned to develop a high amount of value getting each other, to-be close friends once more.


It goes without saying you to Batman is among the most Tim’s closest partners. Tim to start with approached Bruce away from a want to help him, demonstrating that Batman needed a beneficial Robin to store him of heading spinning out of control.

Bruce begrudgingly lead Tim to the bend, degree him more difficult than the guy previously coached Jason to make sure Tim failed to meet an identical fate, and make him into the a friend he could rely on. Bruce investigates him once the a child, regardless of if their matchmaking have not for ages been steady.

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