Arabic Language Course


We believe that each foreign language should be taught in its native tongue, the narration in our Spoken Arabic Course is largely in Arabic. In terms of vocabulary, we employed both English and Arabic terms that are commonly used in both the Arab and Western worlds.

You want to speak Arabic fluently but unsure where to begin? Which institute is the best? In Dubai, the Bright Future Training Institute provides globally recognized Arabic lessons. The course provides practical training sessions while studying Arabic in Dubai through group classes.

Who need the Arabic Language Course ?

Spoken Arabic Course is for non-native students who want to learn Arabic outside of a traditional class environment with a predetermined timetable.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce themselves by exchanging greetings.
  • Answer questions about daily activities.
  • In both spoken and written Arabic, make common phrases.
  • Recognize the key themes in spoken Arabic about well-known topics.

Course Details:

Spoken dialogues and discussions regarding how basic interactions are run take up a lot of time. In this regard, the course will cover a variety of topics such as greetings, introducing oneself and others, introducing family and friends, trying to describe things and people, directions and locations in terms of space (as in the street), making deals and ordering (in the market, coffee shop, restaurant, and so on), weather, schedules (daily or weekly activities), personal interests, narration, and so on.

Enhanced Communication Skills: Choose from a variety of language courses to improve your communication skills in all four aspects: listening, writing, and speaking.

Better Career Opportunities: Learning the Arabic language can help you make a good influence at work. Our Business Arabic courses and Arabic Conversion lessons will help you enhance your career by allowing you to speak more effectively in the workplace.

Improve conversion skills: We provide Arabic conversation classes for people of various skill levels.

Our 3 Arabic language training levels are as follows:

  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

Beginner level:

If you are just beginning to study Arabic, we can help you with the following steps:

As the first few steps, we assist you in becoming trained in the most fundamental skills. You will learn here how to introduce yourself, meet and communicate with others using basic communication, have pleasant interactions and express gratitude, as well as how to respond to their fundamental inquiries. This level’s main components include speaking and listening practice, vocabulary and alphabet introductions, grammar exercises, listening to audio conversations, etc.

Intermediate level:

The intermediate curriculum will be an improved version of the introductory level, and you will receive intensive Arabic language training here. Due to the fact that so many students have received instruction here and are now pleased with the program, our spoken Arabic short course in Dubai is quite well-liked by students. At the intermediate level, you will have the choice of studying Arabic scripts, participate in voice recording exercises, practice your vocabulary extensively, and receive comments on grammar and culture.

Advanced level:

If you already know a little Arabic or have acquired a few things about the Arabic language, you can go to the advanced level right away. You will be instructed on social scenarios, corporate communication, reading comprehension tasks, and advanced writing exercises at this level. You will also be given Arabic scripts to practice.

Mr. Faisal Hassan