CRL—Disease exposure peak during the step 1 x 10 -six

CRL—Disease exposure peak during the step 1 x 10 -six

(a) Special conditions . The new special conditions inside area sign up for the great Ponds System, with the newest channels, rivers, ponds or other bodies regarding surface liquids in the water drainage basin of your own High Ponds inside Commonwealth.

(b) Water top quality criteria into Great Ponds Program . Person health and aquatic life conditions into the Higher Ponds Program was found in Dining table six (relating to Higher Lakes marine existence and you will person health criteria). For pollutant not listed in the table, requirements in the Table 5 can help protect current and you may designated spends, or criteria would-be developed by the Company, as required, according to this chapter and you can § (relating to special specifications toward High Lakes System).

Animals standards could well be created to the bioaccumulative chemical substances of concern (BCCs) on the Higher Ponds Program having fun with methodologies included in the Great Lakes advice inside the forty CFR Region 132, Appendix D (in accordance with Great Ponds Liquid Quality Step methods for the creativity of animals standards)

Dining table 6

asiandating profile examples

Seafood and you will Marine Existence Criteria Human
PP Zero Chemical Title Cas de figure Matter Standards Carried on Levels (ug/L) Criteria Maximum Concentration (ug/L) HealthCriteria(ug/L)
2M Arsenic 07440382 *148 (As3+) *340 (As3+) N/A
4M Cadmium 07440439 *step one.101672-(ln[H]x0.041838)x Exp(0.785dosxln[H]-dos.715) (ex: =one hundred, CCC=2.24) *1.136672-(ln[H]x0.041838)x Exp(1.128xln[H]-step 3.6867) (ex: =one hundred, CMC=cuatro.26) N/A great
5M Chromium, III 16065831 *0.860xExp(0.819xln[H]+0.6848) *0.316xExp(0.819xln[H]+step 3.7256) N/A great
(ex: =one hundred, CCC=74) (ex: =one hundred, CMC=570)
5M Chromium, VI 18540299 * * N/A
6M Copper 07440508 *0.960xExp(0.8545xln[H]-step 1.702) *(0.960xExp(0.94twenty twoxln[H]-step one.700) N/A good
(ex: =a hundred, CCC=8.96) (ex: =one hundred, CMC=)
8M Mercury 07439976 *0.77 *1.forty two 0.0031 H
9M Nickel 07440020 *0.997xExp(0.846xln[H]+0.0584 *[0.998xExp(0.846xln[H]+2.255) N/A great H
(ex: =one hundred, CCC=) (ex: =one hundred, CMC=)
10M Selenium 07782492 *4.61 N/An effective N/Good
13M Zinc 07440666 *0.986xExp(0.8473xln[H]+0.884) *0.978xExp(0.8473xln[H]+0.884) N/A great
(ex: =a hundred, CCC=) (ex: =a hundred, CMC=)
14M Cyanide, 100 % free 00057125 5.dos 22 600 H
3A 2,4-Dimethyl-phenol 00105679 N/A great N/A good 450 H
5A dos,4-Dinitro-phenol 00051285 N/A N/A good 55 H
9A Pentachlorophenol 00087865 Exp(1.005[pH]-5.134) Exp (step 1.005[pH]-4.869) N/Good
= 6.5 7.8 9.0 = six.5 eight.8 nine.0
Crit = cuatro.05 Crit = 5.twenty eight
3V Benzene 00071432 N/An effective N/An excellent step one.dos CRL
7V Chloro-benzene 00108907 N/An excellent N/A 470 H
22V Methylene Chloride 00075092 N/An effective N/An effective cuatro.7 CRL
25V Toluene 00108883 N/An effective N/A good 5600 H
29V Trichloro-ethylene 00079016 N/An excellent N/A great dos.9 CRL
33B Hexachloro-benzene 00118741 N/A beneficial N/A beneficial 0.000045 CRL
36B Hexachloro-ethane 00067721 N/A good N/A great 0.53 CRL
4P gamma-BHC (Lindane) 00058899 N/A 0.95 0.47 H
6P Chlordane 00057749 N/A N/An excellent 0.000025 CRL
7P 4,4-DDT 00050293 N/An excellent N/A good 0.000015 CRL
10P Dieldrin 00060571 0.056 0.twenty-four 0.00000065 CRL
14P Endrin 00072208 0.036 0.086 N/A
18P PCBs N/Good N/A beneficial 0.00000039 CRL
25P Toxaphene 08001352 N/An effective N/A beneficial 0.0000068 CRL
PP 2,3,seven,8-TCDD 01746016 N/A N/Good 8.6 Age-10 CRL
Parathion 00056382 0.013 0.065 N/An effective

* Suggests demolished steel standards; anybody else is actually total recoverable precious metals. For each and every listed dissolved requirement in the Desk 6 is equivalent to brand new corresponding overall recoverable requirement prior to rounding (on the EPA National Background Liquids Quality Standards Files) increased because of the conversion process basis (on Transformation Affairs Dining table); a good standard which is shown as a stiffness (H)-centered picture are shown from inside the Table six since conversion process foundation (listed) increased by stiffness standards equation; an illustration standards during the firmness=100mg/L is roofed.

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