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Dubai Hospitality Success: Key Elements for Dubai’s Hospitality Success In order to be considered a legitimate hotel in the UAE, you must acquire a Tourism License and a hotel manager must have the necessary qualifications and certifications. The hospitality industry is booming in the UAE due to its accessibility. It’s only a four-hour flight away from a third of the world’s population.


Transparency is crucial in the hospitality industry. Many customers have changed the way they book their travel since the advent of the internet. A recent study revealed that two-thirds of travelers booked their hotel stays online in 2012. Increasing transparency has enabled customers to compare prices of the same hotel room offered by different OTAs. It has also resulted in greater price elasticity.

One of the best ways to create transparency in the hospitality industry is to share your vision with your employees, customers, and stockholders. A vision statement communicates a clear sense of what you want your hotel or resort to be and inspires others to share it with you. To do this, you must be authentic, honest, and transparent. Your employees, stockholders, and customers will appreciate this.

Transparency is a fundamental requirement for free and opens exchange. When rules and regulations are clear, measures are fair and no hidden conditions exist. In addition, full information is available and rules are transparent, allowing you to make a collective decision.


Providing excellent customer service is an essential element of any hospitality business. It will help you build a perfect customer service skill and enable you to forge ahead and to achieve your desired goals. Customers are the most important part of your business, so it is imperative they  are always satisfied. Here are some of the tips that will  facilitates the growth of your business:

Firstly , ensure your staffs are well knowledgeable about the business and its operations. This is essential because customers will be able to ask any questions and get the right information from your staffs. Secondly, keep the environment clean and orderly. A well-kept hotel will ensure that the guests are comfortable and will have a memorable visiting experience.

Another aspect that makes a difference in customer service is the flow of business processes in a hotel. These processes flow from one department to another, and it is essential to create and maintain strong collaboration between these departments. This will ensure a high standard of service and minimize the amount of paperwork that a hotel has. Enroll to our short term hospitality course in Dubai to enhance your knowledge.


A successful hotel or restaurant should have a variety of seating areas. For instance, a dining area should offer lean-on stools and diner-style chairs to appeal to different customer demographics. It should also have a large table for big parties and smaller tables for intimate dining. The lighting for different areas should also be different.

There are many important elements of a successful hospitality business. These include: breakfast options, dining areas, bars, and function rooms. For example, a restaurant or bar will be very helpful for attracting corporate clients. Listen to client requests and be flexible when creating your menus. Being flexible will give you more options and help you maximize the opportunities available to you. Remember that operating a hotel or restaurant is a large-scale undertaking and requires a lot of hard work. Having the right person in charge is essential to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


There are four important elements of a successful hospitality enterprise. These elements will vary from business to business. For example, a resort may offer all-inclusive packages, while a bed-and-breakfast venue may not. Other elements of a hospitality enterprise include food and drink. Other types of hospitality businesses fall into the category of travel and tourism, which includes cruise ships, trains, and amusement parks.

Good service is another important element of success in the hospitality industry. Consumers rely heavily on online reviews to determine which businesses are worth visiting, so one unhappy customer can put a business out of business. In order to provide exceptional service, you must anticipate the needs of your clients. To do this, all of your services should be readily available and offered to guests before they even ask for them. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your staff is properly trained and experienced to deliver a quality customer experience.

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Mrs. Francine Noronha
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from Mumbai University.
Seasoned Hospitality professional, working in UAE for the last 10years.