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Mastering Success in Hospitality

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Mastering Success in Hospitality

Those of us who have Chosen to join the Hotel have made this decision after immense consideration. Be ready to say goodbye to time spent with your actual family, but in exchange you will gain a completely new family at the hotel. We live, love and breathe hospitality! It’s passion that drives us every day, striving for excellence when it comes to customer satisfaction and excellent guest services. We always go above and beyond the expectations of the guest.


Hospitality Management is an industry where no two days are the same. Every day, every single shift is an adventure! We get the opportunity to meet so many different people, from all different walks of life, from different countries, from different cultures, all of them are strangers to us but we welcome them with open arms as if they are family. We treat them like royalty, offer each and every one of them the best of services, care for them and make sure that they have an Unforgettable experience!


Hospitality is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared for long days and nights on your feet, dedicating your time and energy to your customers. In order to be successful in this industry every one of us needs to possess certain skills and a positive attitude.


Through my own personal Experience, the most important Characteristic that you should possess is to BE PASSIONATE. Whether you decide to join the Front of the house or the Back of the house, being PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO is still the most important attribute that you should possess. This will always make us want to be better, push our ourselves to go beyond our limits. Being passionate will make us excited about coming to work every day.


Be ready to show up to work full of energy and filled with enthusiasm to satisfy and serve your guests! Guests are easily able to identify if you are enthusiastic about serving them and this will most likely lead to the Guest having a happy experience at your establishment. No one wants to be served by a person who clearly is not happy with his job!


In the hotel industry, it’s all about working together. We are here for the same reason, we all have a common goal, “Ultimate Guest Satisfaction”, so let’s work together to make it happen! A team that is in sync will have a better result. Working together to share the workload makes it more do-able. Being a team player will reduce pressure on individual performance. All the members of the team should be well trained, should trust one another so that each shift runs smoothly and in perfect harmony.


We as Hospitality professionals pride ourselves on “Attention to Detail”. Most of our job is spent in trying to give every customer a special experience by focusing on all the tiny details. The happiest part of our day is when our guests realize all the little things that we do and convey their appreciation. It can be as small a thing as remembering the guest’s birthday! That simple wish is what will make the guest our
LOYAL customer.


When you REACT to a guest request, means we wait for the guest to let us know what he needs and then we will take action. Being proactive is different from being prepared. Being prepared means that we know what to do when a guest needs something but Being PROACTIVE means we are able to anticipate guests needs before they ask us, this is an important hospitality trait. Being proactive is something that I am constantly reminding my team of on a regular basis! It’s one of my favorite words! Being proactive is something that we should follow not only in the hospitality industry but in every aspect of our life, be on the lookout, DARE to be DIFFERENT!
Having said all of this, it’s not all work and no play! Once you step foot into the hotel, you will never want to leave! You will fall in love with your work. Being in the hospitality industry will spark something in you that you never knew was even there. You will realize that you are capable of doing much more that you thought. The experience will shape you into the person that you were meant to be. You will carry the memories of the hotel with you throughout your life and no other industry can come close to compare!

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Mrs. Francine Noronha
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from Mumbai University.
Seasoned Hospitality professional, working in UAE for the last 10years.