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Adobe Flash Training

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adobe flash training in dubai

Adobe Flash Training

Adobe Flash CS4 can be a complex program to use and understand, even if you already have basic knowledge.  It’s very easy to get lost in the interface and confused by the many features it offers.  This course was designed to solve the mysteries of Adobe Flash CS4, no matter if you’re a beginner or more advanced user.  Each lesson is extremely comprehensive, but written in easy-to-understand terms so that, by the time you finish the course, you can use the Flash software as easily as you can tie your shoe.

It’s a fact that once you learn everything you need to know about vector and raster images, as well as movie clips and graphics, creating animations becomes a breeze.  You’ll spend the rest of the course learning to bring graphics and other images to life, and delving into ActionScript to learn to create even more complex Flash presentations.  If you’ve spent time trying to learn more about Flash without much luck, then this course is exactly the solution that you need. Bright Future provides the best Adobe Flash Training in Dubai. 


  • Setting Stage dimensions & preferences
  • Working with panels and panel layouts
  • Properties Inspector


  • Working with layers (Lock, Visibility & Outline)
  • Organising Layers
  • Guide Layers
  • Working with the Timeline


  • Using the drawing tools (Oval, Rectangle, Poly Star, Line, Pen)
  • Making Selections
  • Using object and merge drawing
  • Working with the colours & gradients
  • Aligning & manipulating objects
  • 3D Transformation
  • Decorative drawing with the Deco tool


  • Working with different graphic formats
  • Importing bitmap graphics
  • Tracing Bitmaps
  • Using Bitmaps as Fills
  • Depreciated File Formats


  • Using the Text tool ( Classic & TLF)
  • Adding and formatting static text
  • Changing font rendering methods
  • Embedding fonts in input text fields
  • Using font best practices
  • Paragraph and Text settings
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Reshaping Text
  • Distributing Test to Layers


  • Importing vector graphics from Illustrator
  • Using the Library & explain elements is can contain
  • Differentiate between Graphic Symbols & Movie clips & Buttons
  • Converting objects to symbols
  • Creating and using Movie Clip symbols
  • Nesting Symbols
  • Adding Transparency
  • Blends and Filters

Muhammad Fahid

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