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Advance EXCEL Training

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Advance EXCEL Training

About Advance EXCEL Training in Dubai:

Bright Future’s Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course is conceptualized to build the skills required to use pivot tables, audit and analyze worksheet data, utilize data tools, collaborate with others, and create and manage macros. By using its advanced features like formulas, you can crunch data, analyze and get simple solutions to most complex questions. 

Lecture1.1: V Lookup, Conditional formatting
Lecture1.2: Date Functions
Lecture1.3: Character Functions
Lecture1.4: Nested If Reporting
Lecture1.5: PIVOT Tables
Lecture1.6: What-If-analysis
Lecture1.7: Linking Between Word / Excel / PPT
Lecture1.8: Count IF, Probability Distribution
Lecture1.9: Linking Multiple Sheets
Lecture1.10: Password Protecting Worksheets
Lecture1.11: if Statement, Compound IF, Sum IF
Lecture1.12: Consolidation of Data & Data Validation

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