Professional Waitering Training Program

Course Description

Whether you are looking for a part-time job, a summer job, to supplement your family income, or a possible career, working in the restaurant industry as a waiter or waitress can be your answer. As far as you are self-confident & self-motivated person this course will discuss all the necessary major information for you to learn what the job is about, how to prepare for it. What you need to know, and whether or not you have the personality to do the job well.

Waiting tables is a time-honored tradition that started long ago in England and Europe, and came over to America and continues to the whole world.  At one time, serving others for money used to be viewed as a lower-class line of work. Today there are people who make an excellent living waiting tables, pulling in nearly two thousand dollars a week.

It is thought that the first restaurant known in history was opened by Boulanger in 1765. A person named Boulanger opened a shop to sell his soup made from healing bone broth. he called his soups the remedial “Restaurer” and tried to attract people’s attention by writing this word on his door, Which is the starting point of the word restaurant. The restaurant, Which were initially known as places where healing meals were made began to transform day by day and turned into luxurious places where menus are used.

It is known that the first modern restaurant close to today was the “Grand Taverne de Londres” opened in paris by paris by Beauvilliers in 1782. The novelty of this restaurant is to list the meals on a menu, to have stylish tables and chairs and to serve them at individual tables at certain times. Restaurants, Which were initially reacted by the guilds, Were accepted with the French Revolution in 1789.

Interviews with waiters, waitresses, hiring managers, and restaurant owners provide the information that you need to supply what they are looking for in a good waitress. Whether you wish to work in a family-style restaurant, or you want to work in a fine dining establishment, this course will guide you through the information you need to have in order to make a good decision about your work, and possibly whether or not you can improve your situation by waiting tables. In this course, you will learn who you work with and why, what your job is in different restaurant settings, the various serving methods that have their origin in other countries, etc. You will also get some insight into serving alcohol, learning the requirements of your patrons and how best to serve them and their desires. Lastly, the course will reveal the very great need for safety and proper sanitation in order to avoid contaminating the food that you will be serving to your customers. Waiting tables will turn you into a student of human nature. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to apply at even the highest-end restaurant. Get professional waiter training in Dubai. explore all courses of Hotel management to learn more.


Pretend it’s your first day on the job. And we all know that the FIRST IMPRESION IS THE LAST IMPRESION. So how should your personality look like? How should you present with full of hygiene level?   What would you want to know to impress your immediate boss on your first day? We’ll Help to get you ready for you prepare you for that first IMPRESSION shift by giving you a crash course in Self Presentation, Guest welcoming guest escorting techniques customers service and many more, the restaurant industry, and the waitering role. If you already have some server experience, this course will teach you tons of tips and tricks to increase your tips, gain your guest customer loyalty, Guest satisfaction, Restaurant/cafe revenue increasing and at last but not the least your own satisfaction by getting appreciation from you senior or getting handsome tip from guest and move up in the ranks.

This course contains text lessons as well as video tutorials and demonstrations!

  • Learn about customer expectations and how you can exceed every one
  • We’ll teach you how to navigate tricky scenarios and manage difficult customers
  • A good waiter knows their product; you’ll learn about pairings, ingredients, seasonality of food, wine and alcohol, and even coffee!
  • We’ll show you how to set a table for family-style restaurants and fine dining
  • Learn to take orders with foolproof memory methods so you never miss a single one
  • From waiters friend to pencil, we’ll show you tools to make life easier
  • A waiter is also a salesperson – learn to sell your business, menu, and self
  • We’ll show you how to impress guests and maximize your tips and earnings
  • You’ll learn how to use food ordering systems, POS, apps, and other tools
  • We’ll teach you basic First Aid and health and safety practices


  • Anyone just starting out in the restaurant or service industry
  • Experienced waiters who want a boost in their performance, career, or tips
  • Job seekers who are applying to restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes
  • Recently hired waiters who want to prepare for their first shift
  • Hostesses, and anyone in the hospitality industry who wants to upgrade their skill set

What You’ll Get ?

  • Handouts , Materials
  •  Lab Manuals
  • Soft copy of reference Books

Course Duration

Foundation Level 1:     20 credit hours

Professional Level 2:   40 credit hours

Rewarding Certificates

Upon successful completion of training and Internship the graduate students will be rewarded with three certificates, details as below;

  • Course completion certificate from Institute
  • Course completion certificate from KHDA – Government of Dubai
  • Internship certificate upon successful completion of Internship period

Why to choose Bright Future Training Institute Dubai ?

Bright Future is top ranked training center in Dubai, which has been delivering dynamic training solutions for job seekers, industry professionals and corporate companies. The salient features of taking training at Bright Future Training Institute, Dubai are as below;

1. Individual attention
2. Hands on practice
3. Classroom training
4. Online Sessions
5. Industry Visit
6. Interview Skills
7. Internship & Job assistance
8. Accommodation & travelling support

  • MBA (Human Resource Management, Marketing & Hospitality) – Rajasthan Technical University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) – J.N.V. University
  • Competent and talented professional having more than 11 years of experience as Human
    Resource and Business Development Manager in different industries such as Hospitality,
    Education, FMCG, Real Estate, Media & Marketing.
  • CPD certified – HR Summit & Expo – 2017, 2018 & 2019
  • Extensive cross-functional leadership experience as a Trainer (Soft skills) & Lecturer (Hotel and
    Hospitality), Motivational Speaker, Recruitment, Selection, Payroll, Business Development,
    Team Management. Good at cementing lasting relationship between company and employees
    for ensuring long-term revenue growth.
  • Designing and providing Training for major departments of Hotel such as Front Office, Food &
    Beverage, Housekeeping, Sales and Marketing of Hotel for more than 2.8 years.
  • HACCP awareness training from Food Safety Department – Dubai – with 89%.
  • Attended various Hospitality conferences and seminars.
  • Member of Top 150 Hospitality Leaders of UAE.
  • First Aid (Basic) & First Aid – Emergency First Aid at work , Emergency Escape and Self Rescue,
    Stress management Trainer.