AutoCAD Civil 3D Course

AutoCAD civil 3d course

Autodesk Civil 3D software is a design solution geared for civil engineering students. BIM processes are supported in this course. By learning how to use civil 3D, one may improve project upgrades, maintain trustworthy data, follow standard processes, and respond to change faster.

Civil 3D training in Dubai is offered by Bright Future Training Institute for those who are interested in pursuing this subject. Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge and will assist you in quickly mastering the course. We develop yourself as a competent individual and progress your career in the proper direction with our training.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction of AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Navigating the Civil 3D interface
  • Point and Description Keys
  • Inserting Point
  • Importing Survey Points
  • Point Group and Cloud
  • Generate Surface
  • Create Surface with KML and DEM
  • Creating Parcel
  • Work With Alignment Line
  • Generate Profile and Its Views
  • Parts and Assemblies
  • Creating Basic and Advance Corridor
  • Modifying Profile
  • Making sample lines, cross-sections, and section views
  • Super Elevation and Cross Section
  • Creating a pipe network
  • Understanding pressure parts
  • Feature Line and its uses
  • Grading of Surface
  • Quantity Take Off
  • Visualization
  • Plan Production

The Major Objectives of Our AutoCAD Civil 3D Course Are To:

  • Explore the AutoCAD Civil 3D user interface.
  • Create point clusters and work with statistics to examine them.
  • Surfaces may be built, modified, and tested.
  • Create and alter alignments
  • Generate grading resolutions
  • Achieve capacity takeoff and earthwork control
  • Planning Passageway, Intersection, and Pipe Network

You’ll learn the following:

Students will study the majority of topics about Civil 3D at our Civil 3D training institute in Dubai, and here are a few of the course’s outcomes:

  • You’ll be able to sketch out the AutoCAD Civil 3D workspace.
  • In Civil 3D, you will be able to use the survey tool.
  • Points are simple to create and administer.
  • Create and modify surfaces.
  • Produce parcels for each sector.
  • You’ll learn how to construct placements for subdivision roads.
  • You’ll be able to create subdivision road outlines easily.
  • Prepare for the classification of a sector site.
  • You may quickly construct transportation-capable places using plan concepts.
  • A strip model with changeable lane sizes is simple to construct and modify.
  • Strip volumes and design units may be calculated quickly.

Our Civil 3D training center also teaches students how to communicate design plans in the early stages of development using visualization tools such as visual courses, fly-throughs, and resources. Candidates will be able to export 3D models from AutoCAD to an electronic version, or even a paper, with ease.

Target audience is as follows:

  • Civil Engineering Students
  • Engineering Students
  • Surveyors

Why Choose Bright Future for Civil 3D Training in Dubai

In some aspects, we are distinct from the other institutes. Here are a few examples:

  • When we teach our students, we have them work on real projects so that they can grasp the main principles more quickly.
  • We provide quality training with a limited number of seats and individual attention.
  • Because our training meets contemporary industry requirements, you will be offered a position with a competitive pay.
  • We provide flexible training that is delivered by experienced specialists with decades of expertise.
  • Our training facility provides students and businesses with personalized training.
  • For all of your training needs, we are extremely flexible.


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Asif Ahmed

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  • 4 years of teaching experience