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OET Exam Preparation

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OET Exam Preparation

OET Exam Preparation

The Occupational English Test – OET is designed for health care and medical professionals. OET English test measures an individual’s English language skills from the healthcare sector. OET test is an internationally recognized English language test for aspirant healthcare professionals who are seeking to get trained in a region where English is the main language. The interactive teaching methodology, effective study materials, flexibility of time made our institute the number one choice of medical and healthcare professionals for taking OET training in Dubai.

What is OET Test?

Many organizations including hospitals, universities & colleges, are using OET as proof of candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment. OET features 12 specializations, each of which matches up to a particular profession: speech pathology, optometry, podiatry, dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, radiography, occupational therapy, dietetics, nursing, physiotherapy, and veterinary science. Healthcare organizations in many countries choose OET because it helps them to select healthcare professionals with the right level of English proficiency to deliver safe and high quality care.

Who should take OET Training ?

Governments, healthcare boards and councils have a crucial role to play in safe-guarding public safety. When they need to select healthcare professionals for English-speaking environments, OET gives confidence for safe and effective practice. OET is required for below professions:

  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical professionals
  •  Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Premedical stuff
  • Pharmacist
  • Healthcare organizations

Why to choose OET?

OET is in high demand for working and the employment purposes in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Namibia, Singapore, Ireland, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. By taking OET test in Dubai you will prove you have the right level of English plus you will be learning the kind of English language you will need every day at work. The 350 score of OET is equivalent to 7 -8 bands of IELTS. OET has two years validity and the test takers get results within three weeks.


This section has 2 parts. In Part A, the aspirant must listen to a conversation which will happen between a patient and a professional and you have to take the notes on that interaction. In Part B, you will hear a lecture from one person. You will be requested to answer the questions which are in the form of multiple choices about what you have heard.


This section is also of 2 parts. Part A is of 15 minutes duration and needs the aspirant to see 3 or 4 passages. Then, the aspirant will be given a paragraph summarizing the text with words removed. You must use your skill to fill these blanks. Part B is of 45 minutes duration and the aspirant will need to read passages related to common healthcare topics and answer multiple choices thereafter.


This section is necessarily an imitation of certified encounter precise to an occupation. The aspirant has 45 minutes to write a professional correspondence. This can normally take the form of a letter of referral, but other jobs might contain a letter of release or expert advice.

Finally, we can clearly say that this is not as easy compared to other test preparation courses. Only through our OET Classes in Dubai, you can crack easily. If are searching for a OET training institute in Dubai, then you are at the right place. Get OET training through our professionals and you are sure to succeed.


This section is done with the support of an interviewer. The aspirant begins after being provided a summary of their own professional background before going on to the role-play section. Role-play scenario intended for this section is based on common communications that happen in a profession such as the interviewer in the field of veterinary science will be taking the position of an animal owner; the aspirant must have to display a blend of professional expertise and interpersonal skills to deal with the circumstances.

Format of the OET test

The OET Test reflects real workplace task and relevant language skills. To precisely
measure each individual’s knowledge, the OET test is divided into four subsections which
focus on diverse language skills. Here are the four sections:
1. Listening (about 50 minutes)
2. Reading (60 minutes)
3. Writing (45 minutes)
4. Speaking (about 20 minutes)
To crack these 4 sections by 1st attempt, you need proper training with hints & tips from
OET experts available at Bright Future Training Institute.

How Bright Future Training Institute can help you?

Over the last few years, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals have been trained at our institute. Our  faculty consists of highly qualified and well experienced professors with local and international teaching experience. Bright Future  has the best training facilities for conducting OET classes in Dubai, this is exactly the reason why doctors , nurses and healthcare professionals manage to get their required grades in OET exam. Some of the salient features are listed below;

  • Our OET Training in Dubai will help improve your proficiency in English to perform well in the OET test.
  • Our OET experts will gauge the level of your English language and focus on areas where you need further improvement.
  • You will be tested on past OET examination papers and proven examination techniques to attain a high score.
  • Our OET experts will give you hints & tips to get you achieve the high score by 1st attempt.


  • Post Graduate Diploma in English Literature.
  • Master of Business Administration.
  • Master of Commerce – Management.
  • Overall, 14 years of teaching experience in teaching English literature,
  • Business communication, IELTS, PTE, CELPIP and OET to professionals at different levels.

Worked as “Lead Invigilator” for IELTS & PTE at CIMT College, Canada.

Conducted as Lead Trainer:

  • IELTS Teachers training at Leaders (Pvt) School, Sharjah.
  • IELTS Teachers training at Star (Pvt) School, Sharjah.
  • IELTS Teachers training at Minds training center, Sharjah.
  • OET nurses training workshop at Vision Institute, Ajman.
  • OET Doctors training workshop at CTC Institute, Ajman.
  • PTE training workshop at CTC Institute, Ajman.
  • CELPIP training workshop at CTC Institute, Ajman.
  • Conducted many other workshops and seminars for PTE and OET at clinics as well.


  • IDP IELTS “Writing skills workshop”.
  • IDP IELTS “Speaking skills workshop”.


Who should take OET Test?

Typically OET is recommended for Healthcare Professionals, Medical professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Premedical stuff, Pharmacist and Healthcare organizations.

OET is in great demand for working and the employment purposes in countries like Australia,
New Zealand, UK, Namibia, Singapore, Spain, Ireland, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.

The Occupational English Test is an international English language test that assesses the language communication skills of aspirant healthcare professionals who are seeking to register and practice in an English-speaking environment.

OET test covers all four language skills with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment. The four language skills are:
1. Listening (about 50 minutes)
2. Reading (60 minutes)
3. Writing (45 minutes)
4. Speaking (about 20 minutes)

OET has been developed specifically for 12 healthcare professions: Dentistry, Dietetics, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, Speech Pathology and Veterinary Science.  Tests simulate real workplace tasks and test relevant language skills for each profession.

Yes OET test is recognized and trusted by healthcare boards and councils in countries like Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore and the UK. Many organizations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.

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