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What Are the Best Tips and Tricks for the PTE Speaking Test?




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PTE (Pearson Test of English) is one of the most known English language proficiency exams. The PTE speaking test is an essential part of this exam. Also, it assesses the ability to speak English fluently. However, this section seems to be challenging for numerous candidates. Even though they can practice and use the right strategies to excel in this part. Along with this, speaking can become the easiest section that leads you to score higher marks in the test. For this, candidates have to practice and prepare under the guidance of experts. So, this will help you to achieve an overall higher score in the PTE test.

We at Bright Future offer a wide range of professional courses. You can join the PTE speaking test classes to enhance your knowledge. Also, you will be able to learn the tips and tricks from the experts. It will be helpful to read a passage and do such tasks easily. So, if you are preparing for PTE and finding the tips and tricks for PTE, this blog can be valuable to know about them. In addition, this will help you score higher and get confidence as well.

What Can You Expect in the PTE Speaking Test?

Firstly, it is vital to have knowledge of the PTE when you are participating. As the PTE speaking test is the first section of the PTE, it can be valuable to prepare well. This section includes various tasks such as Personal Introduction, Repeat Sentence, Read Aloud, Describe Image, Answer Short Question, and Re-Tell Lecture. So, familiarity with the format can help you start your preparation. Along with this, it will be helpful to begin with this first step. Thus, it can be fruitful to prepare for all the sections to achieve a higher score. In order to know about how to prepare for the parts of the PTE speaking test, read the section below.

Personal Introduction

In the Personal Introduction section, students get an opportunity to share some details about themselves to the institution. In this part, they get 25 seconds to prepare before recording. You must remember to speak clearly. So, don’t rush because you will get 30 seconds to record your intro. Thus, complete before the progress bar reaches the end. Most importantly, you can record the intro only once. However, this section is not scored but provides you with an opportunity.

Read Aloud

In this section of PTE, you should raise your tone when you start the sentence and fall at the end to sound authentic. It will help you to show your confidence. However, if you think you made a mistake, do not stop and speak fluently. To prepare better for this section of the PTE speaking test, you must try different tongue twisters. It will help you to prepare well for the exam day.

Repeat Sentence

In this section of the PTE speaking test, you have to listen and memorize the sentences. However, you must remember that there is no beep after the sentences end. So, you have to start speaking just after the clip ends. Even if you do not remember the whole clip, you can focus on the focus keywords. It will help you to repeat the sentence part which you remember.

Describe Image

After the repeat sentences section, you have to describe an image. In this part, you can start with some impactful words such as depicted, ellustrate, etc. However, you should notice the image whether it is a line graph, bar chart, or pie chart. It is because line graphs have “Timeline”, bar charts “Compare”, and Pie Charts have “Slices.” You have to complete this section in 30 to 35 seconds. Apart from this, you can use- on the right side, on the left side, at the top, above, below, background etc.

Retell Lecture

In this section of the PTE speaking test, you have to notice the keywords. It is because this will help you understand the context of the topic. Also, you can use titles like professor mentions rather than using full names. Along with this, you should try to capture in the 3 to 5 sentences to retell the lecture.

Answer Short Question

In this section of the PTE speaking test, you can add articles (A, An, etc) before specific words. However, if you do not know the answer of the question, you can repeat the words of the question. So, it can help you showcase that you have confidence.

How to Score Higher in PTE Speaking Test? Best 5+ PTE Tips and Tricks

As mentioned earlier in the blog, we are going to provide you with the best PTE tips and tricks. It can be valuable to score higher bands in the PTE speaking test. Also, these methods will help you to boost confidence. Thus, you can choose to apply them into your practice and prepare well. So, if you want to improve your PTE scores, the below tips can be helpful for you.

Speak Confidently

When you are preparing for the PTE speaking test, you must prepare to speak with confidence. Also, you should not speak too fast or too slow to make a better impact. Doing preparation like this will help you to improve your tone and pitch. With practising, you can boost your confidence and speak fluently as well.

Avoid Repeating and Pausing

Candidates mostly make such types of mistakes in the PTE speaking test. They should avoid repeating and pausing without a reason. This will impact poor bands. So, you can practice more to avoid repeating yourself and other such mistakes. This will help them to improve their speaking and results.

Regular Practice

Practice is the key to success. You must listen to this for various times. However, it is correct when you are preparing for such exams. For practice, you can make a habit of speaking in daily life. Also, this will help you to speak fluently with time. Practising daily will make you more confident and achieve higher scores.

Prepare with Mock Tests

While preparing for the PTE speaking test, it can be valuable to give mock tests. It will help you assess your weak and strong zones. So, it can be valuable to take different types of speaking tests. It will lead you to be competent with the format of the PTE test. Thus, you will be able to score higher bands in PTE. Also, you can join the PTE training course in Dubai of Learnovate for the best preparation and mock tests.

Record Yourself

Another crucial thing you can do is to record yourself. You can speak up on different topics and record. After that, you can listen to them carefully to identify where you are making mistakes. Doing this regularly will help you to improve. Thus, it can be fruitful to record your own voice to speak better with confidence.

Bonus PTE Speaking Test Tips and Tricks

You should remember to start speaking only after the recording gets started. Also, you must avoid false starts in the PTE speaking test. It is basically a do-over of the already recorded conversation. This can lead you to fail in the PTE speaking test.

These are the crucial PTE speaking test tips and tricks. You can remember them while preparing and score better bands. Thus, you can achieve your dream of going abroad for study or work purposes.


When you are preparing for the PTE speaking test, it may seem challenging. However, you can practice regularly to score higher marks. Also, you can use the right methods and the mentioned PTE tips and tricks to do well. It will help you to score higher marks. Along with this, you can join the PTE training from the best training institute in Dubai to prepare well under the guidance of experts. Thus, you will be able to score higher bands in PTE and achieve your dream.